Tektronix 22xx 4-pin cap adapter

When servicing vintage CD players, I need a capable scope with 50-100 MHz bandwidth. I came across a neat Tektronix 2232, working but clearly requiring new capacitors.
All but one caps are of standard dimensions/footprint - but the high voltage PSU cap has 4 pins and I couldn’t find a decent modern replacement.
The project is about an adapter for the 4-pin capacitor for Tektronix 22xx (2230, 2232 etc.) series. 4-pin caps are generally hard to come by these days and it's much easier to replace those with a modern Snap-In type.
The project files are located in the GitHub repo:
dymczykmUpdated Dec 28, 2020
notion image
notion image

Which devices does it fit?

The adapter should fit all 22xx with a switching power supply and a 270uF/450V cap (potentially others too). Definitely Tektronix 2232, 2230, 2245, 2245A, 2246, 2246A, 2247A, 2252.

What is necessary?

Parts used:
  • 1x LGW2W271MELC30 (Digikey: 493-8572-ND) Nichicon 270uF 450V 105*C cap, but others with similar dimensions will fit too
  • 4x Harwin H2101-01 (Digikey: 952-1433-ND) pins
With these parts, the cap with an adapter nicely fits under the HV plastic shield and the pins are well aligned with the PCB.
notion image
notion image


This project is loosely based on the existing project for Tek 7xxx scopes: https://github.com/peekpt/tekcaps