Marcin Dymczyk


Hey, I’m Marcin and I’m a co-founder and a Chief Product Officer at Sevensense Robotics (, where we are building the eyes and the brain for various kinds of mobile robots. At Sevensense, I’m leading the Product department and my work focuses on building a bridge between the cutting-edge Visual AI technology and the market and translating the tech into a viable product.
In 2019, I finished my PhD at Autonomous Systems Lab of ETH Zurich with Prof. Roland Siegwart. My thesis “Lifelong Mapping and Robust Place Recognition Using Cameras” summarizes well the interests and the major publications. During my PhD I also stayed for one year at Google Zurich, working on Project Tango and the Visual Positioning System which is now a part of Google Maps.
Before my doctoral studies, I finished Master’s studies in Systems and Control at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of ETH Zurich (graduated with an ETH Medaille) and Bachelor’s studies at Wrocław University of Science and Technology.
Many of my hobbies are also close to technology, be it audio component design, repairing and maintains old two-stroke Vespas, my Saab C900 or maintaining and extending a handful of vintage black&white Macintoshes (Plus, SE, few SE/30, Classic II, 3x Portable).

Research work

My research revolved around Visual SLAM, place recognition, computer vision, state estimation, lifelong mapping and map maintenance and packing all of that on computationally constrained devices.
Probably my most influential publications were maplab (github repo), an open framework for visual-inertial mapping (shared 1st authorship with Thomas Schneider and Marius Fehr; as of Aug 2023 starred over 2.3k times) and HF-Net (github repo) published with Paul-Edouard Sarlin as the first author at CVPR 2019 (coincidentally starred also 2.3k times).


For so long I felt that I have gained a lot from open-source projects or DIY guides of various communities which motivated me to put down some notes and projects below so that others can hopefully profit from my hobby work too.

Vintage computing

MacTwister MacCon/Dayna/Etherport RJ45 breakout
Macintosh Classic II / Performa 200 FPU card
DIY Macintosh 128K/512K/Plus mouse from an E-Waste container
Macintosh Portable Battery Charger Tray
Macintosh Portable & Powerbook 1x0 power adapter bench

Saab 900 Classic and the audio system

Saab C900 air distribution wiring
Saab C900 fuel pump part #
Audison Bit One/Ten DRC: DIY cable + display replacement
Rupes LHR21 ESC repair


Tektronix 22xx 4-pin cap adapter
Braun SK2/2 restoration
Hubert the Humidity Logger