Saab C900 fuel pump part #

In my experience, many if not all of OEM SAAB 900 Classic fuel pumps from 16V โ€˜90+ turbos had a Bosch pump cartridge, like this:
notion image
The Bosch number is: 0 580 453 945 (0580453945).
It is possible to retrofit a Walbro fuel pump cartridge with minor adaptions, but I found a lot of confusing information on the required inlet/outlet diameters and the fuel flow.
After helplessly searching for the correct fit I found that the โ€œBOSCH ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP 69576โ€ item offered by a few sellers on ebay at $40-45 is the exact same Bosch cartridge with the correct Bosch number. The 69576 PN seems to be some quirky US catalogue number.
The pump safely arrived in Europe, the total cost was much lower than whatever is offered here, and itโ€™s an original Bosch pump good for another 20 years!